Monday’s Music – Chet Faker

It ‘s worth staying up late, zapping through all kinds of channels sometimes and I’m always striking it rich! Late at night, away from that mainstream TV, that bores me to death, is when real TV magic happens. I was watching a documentary report about David Bowie while I looked up, what was about to come up next. That’s when I read the name. Chet Faker. “Chet Faker?”, is what I asked myself. Usually I look up things, I don’t know, right away. But this time, I didn’t and I don’t know why. Maybe I wanted to get hit and be surprised. And so I was! It was love at first sight. In a musical way!


Nicholas James Murphy, better known by his stage name Chet Faker, is a 26 year old guy from Australia, who wrapped me round his little finger the very first second, I heard him singing. I was sitting in front of the TV, watching him perform at the Melt Festival 2014 and felt hypnotized. Not able to move. After this incredible performance, I waslistening to his entire album  “Built on Glass” (get it here) on Spotify and I realized, that I knew him already. I already had the song “Drop the Game” by Flume and him on my Spotify Playlist. Ever since I saw his live performance, I’m having the desire to see him live myself! As good, as his music is, he’s one of those artists, which are more enjoyable to watch live! And that is saying something!



Thanks again to late night television, for introducing me to Chet Faker! I guess, it was meant to be. Although we knew each other already…



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