Monday’s Music – Saint Motel

Alright, I know, I messed up several times posting music on Monday’s. To be honest, I didn’t even realize, that it’s already Tuesday! I guess, that’s what happens, when you are dealing with an awful jet lag. I’ve been on vacation in good ol’ Washington D.C. for two weeks and just came back past Sunday. I wouldn’t have expected being jet-lagged this bad! So here I am, trying to fight dizziness and sleepiness with music (and some fresh air from time to time).

During my stay in DC, I was being able to enjoy the awesomeness of my all-time favorite radio station: DC101 (check out their website here!)! This radio station is by far the greatest on earth (if there is a better one, let me know!!!). I’ve spent so many hours listening to new artists, I’ve never heard from before and who started to become some of my favorite bands ever. Nothing brings back memories to me as much as music does! So even listening to this radio station and its great variety of music threw me back in time. Besides listening to some oldies, I discovered some new songs and artists of course. No matter when I was on the go, I didn’t have WIFI, so it made it pretty difficult figuring out the bands names. So I was listening carefully, trying to remember some part of the lyrics or catch a band’s name here and there. Luckily it worked out pretty well and that’s how I got to know Saint Motel!


Saint Motel. An American indie pop band from Los Angeles, California, who was founded in 2009. As soon, as I heard their song “My Type”, I felt like dancing. It has this kind of “good mood” sound with a bit of a 70´s touch! I was trying to picture a music video for their song “My Type”, in which they’d be on their way to Las Vegas, to hit casinos and perform in an old fashioned bar. So when I saw a picture of the band with big mustaches and their way of style, it accomplished my imagination of them looking all 70’s! I’m definitely gonna dig deeper into their music, listening to their album “My Type” (get it here!).


Monday’s Music – James Bay

There must be something about musicians from the UK and Ireland, because they are the ones, I’m falling for over and over again! Most of my favorite bands and singers are from the UK and Ireland. Peeps just know how to pick up a giutar and rock the shit out of people! And every time, I’m discovering someone new from up there, I’m asking myself the same question: why the hell are people so incredibly talented? Is it the fresh and salty ocean air?? Is it the sucky food, that makes them being creative, because they have to proof, that they are good at something?? I’d love to understand and solve the myth. I’m afraid, I never will…

I’m sure all of you guys have heard from James Bay! A 24 year old English Johnny Depp version, who must be so busy making amazing music, that he keeps forgetting to eat some (crappy) food, because that guy is super skinny. James, you need five burgers!!! Well, whatever. This talented young guy got me while he was performing at a German music awarding. I knew his song “Hod back the river”, but never really listened to it, because the media used and abused it for their needs, so I got sick of it very quick, although I didn’t listen to the entire piece! I regretted it the second he started. The beginning of the song is completely different than the rest of the song and I love how it starts slowly, all focused on his voice and the guitar, while the drums show up and the song reaches its known sound. And it has been a bigger pleasure listening to it live!


Of course, I added his album “Chaos And The Calm” (get it here) on my Spotify list immediately and fell in love with the guitar sound in “Let It Go”. And there are so many more!!! The entire album is worth listening to and has a lot of catchy songs to offer (or what we call an “earworm” in German). “Chaos And The Calm” has reached number one in the UK and Ireland already. I’m not even surprised! Well done, James! You got your folky by your side for sure! Keep on rockin’ like this!


Monday’s Music – Chet Faker

It ‘s worth staying up late, zapping through all kinds of channels sometimes and I’m always striking it rich! Late at night, away from that mainstream TV, that bores me to death, is when real TV magic happens. I was watching a documentary report about David Bowie while I looked up, what was about to come up next. That’s when I read the name. Chet Faker. “Chet Faker?”, is what I asked myself. Usually I look up things, I don’t know, right away. But this time, I didn’t and I don’t know why. Maybe I wanted to get hit and be surprised. And so I was! It was love at first sight. In a musical way!


Nicholas James Murphy, better known by his stage name Chet Faker, is a 26 year old guy from Australia, who wrapped me round his little finger the very first second, I heard him singing. I was sitting in front of the TV, watching him perform at the Melt Festival 2014 and felt hypnotized. Not able to move. After this incredible performance, I waslistening to his entire album  “Built on Glass” (get it here) on Spotify and I realized, that I knew him already. I already had the song “Drop the Game” by Flume and him on my Spotify Playlist. Ever since I saw his live performance, I’m having the desire to see him live myself! As good, as his music is, he’s one of those artists, which are more enjoyable to watch live! And that is saying something!



Thanks again to late night television, for introducing me to Chet Faker! I guess, it was meant to be. Although we knew each other already…



Monday’s Music – SOL

Okay, I really don’t know anything about Hip Hop and usually I’m not listening to it that much either, but THIS guy really hit me. You wanna know why? Because it’s not that kind of mainstream Hip Hop!

SOL, the Zilla! A 26 year old exceptional talent from Seattle, Washington, who recorded his very first album during College and deserves way more recognition! “2020” was the very first song, I took notice of and became a fan right the second. This song gave me a lot of strength during a time, where I was preparing myself taking another path in my life. Down and desperate, but full of zest for action!

“And so I wait while you sleep, train while you eat. Bite the bullet, you can see the stains on my teeth.”

“Life is what you make it, you can give it, you can take it. You can’t waste it…”


I was applying for a school in Berlin, where I wanted to study communication design and got accepted. I succeeded! I bit the bullet! While I was on my way to Berlin for the very first time after more than two years, I literally felt high. I was ready shooting the bullets of success. I was overwhelmed by this electrifying power this city is radiating! I felt like a million dollars, ready to conquer the world of creativity, so I kept listening to “So damn high”, while I was walking through the streets of Berlin. Of course the lyrics are pretty green and completely different from what I experienced, but in the end it’s about the same thing: that feeling of inner satisfaction. And these sounds just make me happy and remind me of the feeling of victory.


In the end, I decided of not taking that path in my life, which is okay. It doesn’t mean, that I failed, it just didn’t seem to be the right thing for me. I was listening to my heart and it told me, that I shouldn’t do anything, I am not sure about and gives me more of a stomachache than butterflies! But no matter when I feel down and too tired to fight or getting something done, I am listening to SOL and I’m full of vim and vigor! Because there is always that little voice behind every song, that says: “Don’t give up!”. So if you guys wanna have this empowering voice inside your head, go get his music!



Monday’s music – Cloud Control

“G’day! Ow ya goin, mate?”

If you couldn’t figure, where this kind of slang is from, let me help you. Today’s band is from THE kangaroo, koala and didgeridoo land: Australia, aka Down Under! So this would be a proper way of greeting someone down there.

Cloud Control is an alternative rock band originally from the Blue Mountains near Sydney. I’m not sure about the story behind their band name, but maybe being up the Blue Mountains, inspired them, because it gives you the feeling of being able to control the clouds.

There are already two albums, which they have released in 2011 (Bliss Release) and 2013 (Dream Cave). I only payed attention to their last studio album “Dream Cave” (get it here), which I really enjoy listening to. Of course, I’m having my old time favorite song, which is “Dojo Rising”. I love it’s dreamy sound and how the two-part singing is harmonising with the guitar. Makes me wanna lay on a meadow, close my eyes and enjoy the slightly summer breeze.



Dream Cave all in all is an album, which gives you the feeling of being in one. It is a very relaxed and smooth album. Their song “Moonrabbit” gives me the feeling Cloud Control was already found in the late 60’s. It just sounds like this would be the perfect song to listen to, while your at a beach in California and watch surfers hit the waves, whereas “Promises” has that kind of Joy Devision/The Smiths 80’s sound and the chorus of “Scar” could also be sung by “The Smashing Pumpkins”, because it has that 90’s touch. Dream Cave definitely is a good one and I definitely should pay more attention to “Bliss Release” (get it here)!

“Hooroo, mate! See ya tomorrow!”


Monday’s Music – Antonio Vivaldi

Shame on me! I forgot to post some music on Monday! I guess, that’s what happens, when you’re back from vacation Sunday night and have to go back straight to work the very next day. Sorry about that, guys!

Today, it’s going to be very sophisticated: it’s all about classical music! I know, it’s something so different, but I’m really enjoying this kind of music right now and especially this song: Le quattro stagioni – L’inverno!


It is by far one of my all time classical favorites and this version by Italian violinist Félix Ayo is the best, that is out there! The first 3 minutes and 28 seconds are the best part of the entire “Le quattro stagioni” piece! It sounds so powerful and perfectly played, that it gives me the chills, every time I’m listening to it! I’ve never heard a version of this song with this much perfection like Félix Ayo’s and I’ve heard many. Either they all have been too fast, too slow or the violins just sounded scratchy and blunt. It is all about the musician, because they make the huge difference, if a classical masterpiece sounds like one, so you think, you’re in heaven, or is a torture and only hurts your ears.


Classical music is the mother of all music genres, so we should appreciate it more and sometimes listen to it more often. It really is inspiring and also relaxing. And if the myth about your child becoming good at math, while you’re listening to classical music during your pregnancy, is true, I’ll be the first one to try! Because I suck at math!

Monday’s Music – Purity Ring

Are you guys as sick of this Winter as much as I am!?! I can’t take this foggy, rainy and freezing weather any longer! So what do I do, if I’m trying to distract myself from going all crazy and hit by a winter depression? Yes, I’m listening to music, which is helping me to look forward to sunshine, warmth, tweeting birds and flowers! So I discovered an electric-pop band from Canada called “Purity Ring”.

I’m listening to their song “Fineshrine” every day now, especially in the mornings, when I’m about to go to work and it’s still dark and silent outside. The sound of their album “Shrines” (get it here!) has a drawing effect on me. It’s calming and stirring at the same time. It’s this kind of sound, I would listen to, when I’m on my way back home from a party and only the shiny city lights are my witnesses. The voice of singer Megan James sounds crystal clear and harmonious and gives the bands name it’s perfect meaning.


I’m for not the biggest fan of electro-pop music, but from time to time I get caught up in that sound like I did with “Purity Ring” this time. It’s a nice mucial transition from Winter to Spring. It sounds refreshing and light. The perfect type of music to get rid of the cold and grey season, which lasted too long now already! So if you guys feel like getting in the mood of Springtime, listen to “Purity Ring” or any other band, that lifts up your mood!

Soring is coming very soon!

Monday’s Music – Jamie T

I just love British artists! British peeps just know how to do it for some reason! So does this guy!

Jamie T, a singer-songwriter from Wimbledon, England. His strong British accent (unfortunately it got lost in his third album “Carry on the Grudge” a bit) while singing reminds me of Mike Skinner (The Streets). I just love this cocky British way of singing and rapping, so no wonder I fell for this guy and his music right when I heard “368” for the very first time! One, two, addicted! Back in 2013, when I discovered this song, I was becoming so hooked on it, that I kept pressing the repeat button!


I have to admit, that I find his album “Carry on the Grudge” (get it here) better than his album “Kings and Queens” (get it here). It sounds more consistent and proficient to me. Luckily, he got better and wasn’t standing still, or moving backwards, because a lot of artists (unfortunately) do! Jamie T’s sound is unusual and experimental, that it makes it impossible to pigeonhole his music! And the most interesting thing is, that all his albums have been recorded in his living room! Well, some people are having a TV in their living room, Jamie T has his own studio! Rock on, dude!