Monday’s Music – SOL

Okay, I really don’t know anything about Hip Hop and usually I’m not listening to it that much either, but THIS guy really hit me. You wanna know why? Because it’s not that kind of mainstream Hip Hop!

SOL, the Zilla! A 26 year old exceptional talent from Seattle, Washington, who recorded his very first album during College and deserves way more recognition! “2020” was the very first song, I took notice of and became a fan right the second. This song gave me a lot of strength during a time, where I was preparing myself taking another path in my life. Down and desperate, but full of zest for action!

“And so I wait while you sleep, train while you eat. Bite the bullet, you can see the stains on my teeth.”

“Life is what you make it, you can give it, you can take it. You can’t waste it…”


I was applying for a school in Berlin, where I wanted to study communication design and got accepted. I succeeded! I bit the bullet! While I was on my way to Berlin for the very first time after more than two years, I literally felt high. I was ready shooting the bullets of success. I was overwhelmed by this electrifying power this city is radiating! I felt like a million dollars, ready to conquer the world of creativity, so I kept listening to “So damn high”, while I was walking through the streets of Berlin. Of course the lyrics are pretty green and completely different from what I experienced, but in the end it’s about the same thing: that feeling of inner satisfaction. And these sounds just make me happy and remind me of the feeling of victory.


In the end, I decided of not taking that path in my life, which is okay. It doesn’t mean, that I failed, it just didn’t seem to be the right thing for me. I was listening to my heart and it told me, that I shouldn’t do anything, I am not sure about and gives me more of a stomachache than butterflies! But no matter when I feel down and too tired to fight or getting something done, I am listening to SOL and I’m full of vim and vigor! Because there is always that little voice behind every song, that says: “Don’t give up!”. So if you guys wanna have this empowering voice inside your head, go get his music!



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