Monday’s Music – James Bay

There must be something about musicians from the UK and Ireland, because they are the ones, I’m falling for over and over again! Most of my favorite bands and singers are from the UK and Ireland. Peeps just know how to pick up a giutar and rock the shit out of people! And every time, I’m discovering someone new from up there, I’m asking myself the same question: why the hell are people so incredibly talented? Is it the fresh and salty ocean air?? Is it the sucky food, that makes them being creative, because they have to proof, that they are good at something?? I’d love to understand and solve the myth. I’m afraid, I never will…

I’m sure all of you guys have heard from James Bay! A 24 year old English Johnny Depp version, who must be so busy making amazing music, that he keeps forgetting to eat some (crappy) food, because that guy is super skinny. James, you need five burgers!!! Well, whatever. This talented young guy got me while he was performing at a German music awarding. I knew his song “Hod back the river”, but never really listened to it, because the media used and abused it for their needs, so I got sick of it very quick, although I didn’t listen to the entire piece! I regretted it the second he started. The beginning of the song is completely different than the rest of the song and I love how it starts slowly, all focused on his voice and the guitar, while the drums show up and the song reaches its known sound. And it has been a bigger pleasure listening to it live!


Of course, I added his album “Chaos And The Calm” (get it here) on my Spotify list immediately and fell in love with the guitar sound in “Let It Go”. And there are so many more!!! The entire album is worth listening to and has a lot of catchy songs to offer (or what we call an “earworm” in German). “Chaos And The Calm” has reached number one in the UK and Ireland already. I’m not even surprised! Well done, James! You got your folky by your side for sure! Keep on rockin’ like this!


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