Monday’s music – Cloud Control

“G’day! Ow ya goin, mate?”

If you couldn’t figure, where this kind of slang is from, let me help you. Today’s band is from THE kangaroo, koala and didgeridoo land: Australia, aka Down Under! So this would be a proper way of greeting someone down there.

Cloud Control is an alternative rock band originally from the Blue Mountains near Sydney. I’m not sure about the story behind their band name, but maybe being up the Blue Mountains, inspired them, because it gives you the feeling of being able to control the clouds.

There are already two albums, which they have released in 2011 (Bliss Release) and 2013 (Dream Cave). I only payed attention to their last studio album “Dream Cave” (get it here), which I really enjoy listening to. Of course, I’m having my old time favorite song, which is “Dojo Rising”. I love it’s dreamy sound and how the two-part singing is harmonising with the guitar. Makes me wanna lay on a meadow, close my eyes and enjoy the slightly summer breeze.



Dream Cave all in all is an album, which gives you the feeling of being in one. It is a very relaxed and smooth album. Their song “Moonrabbit” gives me the feeling Cloud Control was already found in the late 60’s. It just sounds like this would be the perfect song to listen to, while your at a beach in California and watch surfers hit the waves, whereas “Promises” has that kind of Joy Devision/The Smiths 80’s sound and the chorus of “Scar” could also be sung by “The Smashing Pumpkins”, because it has that 90’s touch. Dream Cave definitely is a good one and I definitely should pay more attention to “Bliss Release” (get it here)!

“Hooroo, mate! See ya tomorrow!”


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