Monday’s Music – Antonio Vivaldi

Shame on me! I forgot to post some music on Monday! I guess, that’s what happens, when you’re back from vacation Sunday night and have to go back straight to work the very next day. Sorry about that, guys!

Today, it’s going to be very sophisticated: it’s all about classical music! I know, it’s something so different, but I’m really enjoying this kind of music right now and especially this song: Le quattro stagioni – L’inverno!


It is by far one of my all time classical favorites and this version by Italian violinist Félix Ayo is the best, that is out there! The first 3 minutes and 28 seconds are the best part of the entire “Le quattro stagioni” piece! It sounds so powerful and perfectly played, that it gives me the chills, every time I’m listening to it! I’ve never heard a version of this song with this much perfection like Félix Ayo’s and I’ve heard many. Either they all have been too fast, too slow or the violins just sounded scratchy and blunt. It is all about the musician, because they make the huge difference, if a classical masterpiece sounds like one, so you think, you’re in heaven, or is a torture and only hurts your ears.


Classical music is the mother of all music genres, so we should appreciate it more and sometimes listen to it more often. It really is inspiring and also relaxing. And if the myth about your child becoming good at math, while you’re listening to classical music during your pregnancy, is true, I’ll be the first one to try! Because I suck at math!

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