Monday’s Music – Jamie T

I just love British artists! British peeps just know how to do it for some reason! So does this guy!

Jamie T, a singer-songwriter from Wimbledon, England. His strong British accent (unfortunately it got lost in his third album “Carry on the Grudge” a bit) while singing reminds me of Mike Skinner (The Streets). I just love this cocky British way of singing and rapping, so no wonder I fell for this guy and his music right when I heard “368” for the very first time! One, two, addicted! Back in 2013, when I discovered this song, I was becoming so hooked on it, that I kept pressing the repeat button!


I have to admit, that I find his album “Carry on the Grudge” (get it here) better than his album “Kings and Queens” (get it here). It sounds more consistent and proficient to me. Luckily, he got better and wasn’t standing still, or moving backwards, because a lot of artists (unfortunately) do! Jamie T’s sound is unusual and experimental, that it makes it impossible to pigeonhole his music! And the most interesting thing is, that all his albums have been recorded in his living room! Well, some people are having a TV in their living room, Jamie T has his own studio! Rock on, dude!




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