Goslar – Going back in time

Goslar. A city situated in the low mountain range called “Harz” and known for it’s mining of ore back in the days, that has such an incredibly huge medieval charme, like I’ve never seen before and immediately fell in love with. So this stunning fairytale place deserves to be written about!


So when a friend of mine told me about Goslar’s Christmas market, I just had one thought on my mind. “I wanna go there too!”. I haven’t been to a Christmas market this year so far and there is just no Christmas without going to a Christmas market! I was picturing it all exaggerative cheesy, but in a romantic way, with a lot of lights and a lot of snow. I can’t say, why I was picturing snow, because there is just no way, that it will snow this year, because the global warming is being way too aggressiv again. I wouldn’t be surprised, if there would be any palm trees in Germany at some point. I could convince my friend going to Goslar with me again and I’m sure, she has been thankful. “Last time, I couldn’t enjoy anything at all, because I felt sick and all I could eat was a pretzel. Do you know, what torture it is passing all these food stands, smelling this piece of heaven, but you can’t get anything!?!”. Oh I could very well! And that’s what we did, as soon, as we entered the Christmas market: we ate the entire time! But before we got there, I got lost in the historic city of Goslar.


We parked right in front of the “Kaiserpfalz”, which is the emporors house and parts of it were built in 1005 already. We got up that little hill and had an amzing view over Goslar’s historic city. As soon, as I saw all these tiny houses and was blown by this amazing arcitecture, I wanted to lose myself at this magic place. That’s where our medieval journey started! We entered the streets and felt like being thrown back in time. I couldn’t stop marveling and kept saying “Oh my Gosh, look at this house!!! That’s so cool!”. I told my friend, that this is another place, where I’d like to have a house, besides all the other 100 places, I have been to and was amazed by. “Well, I guess, we’re too poor for this.”, she faithfully said to me. Unfortunately we are. But at least we are able to dream. Besides all of these pretty houses, that I would like to buy, there are a lot of churches in Goslar. I’m not quiet sure of how many there are, but there are a lot (I think, I remember the number 43!). As compared with the population, there are quiet many! During our little trolley ride, my friend convinced me doing and I am actually thankful for, I spied my all time favorite house: Der Weberturm! It was part of  the city fortification and people now live in there. Unfortunately I wasn’t able taking pictures, because the lighting conditions have been too bad. But you guys should google it! I can imagine, that one or the other has the same thought as me: “I wanna live there!”.


The weather hasn’t been our best friend. It was raining off and on and at some point, it was hard moving my fingers (it was very cold), so we got some mulled wine, with rasperries. I was hanging on to it like a little kid to it’s toy, because it was nice feeling some warmth and my fingers coming back alive. After having a little drink, we started with what we kept doing for the rest of our stay in Goslar: eating! “If somebody is gonna ask us, what we did here, the only thing we can say is, eating!”, is what I said to my friend and we both started laughing. I started having some yummy mushrooms with onions and a creamy garlic sauce. And if that wouldn’t have been enough garlic, I got a garlic bread with camembert and cranberries on top. Welcome to the garlic Christmas market! We ate so much, that I felt sick for a while, until I smelled some different kind of delicious food again and thought: “Hmmm, I could eat something.”. We weren’t hungry anymore. We thought, we were, but there was no way of being hungry anymore after consuming all of this food!  “I guess, that’s what we can call having an unhealthy but good appetite.”, is what I told my friend. She kept talking about some tiny pieces of cake covered with powdered sugar, she has to have before we leave! “I have to get it, because I can’t leave a Christmas market without it!”. What she got is called “Schmalzkuchen” in German and actually sounds disgusting, but doesn’t look like it at all and tastes very yummy. “Well, I guess, I’ve reached the 20.000 calories today!”, is what she said to me, after she almost finished the entire bag of it. We thought about all of the people on earth, that are hungry from hunger and felt bad. A second later, we were thinking about stopping by at good ol’ McDonald’s on our way back. What a cruel line of thoughts…


To bridge the time, until we were able enjoying the Christmas market at night, we took a ride on that little trolley, I’ve mentioned earlier. It took us through the entire historic city, those little streets, we’ve passed on our own before already (Ha, we just know, where the hot spots are!), that amazing Weberturm house, a cool castle way of looking hotel called “Der Achtermann” and tons of mansions, that were built by business men of Berlin back in the 20th century, to escape from the tainted air, which has been really bad there back in the days. After our 35 minutes ride, we got off the trolley and I felt like, I’ve entered Winter Wonderland (but without any snow. Unfortunately)! Lights everywhere and it was the most beautiful thing, I’ve ever seen. “Well, that’s what I call a Christmas market, man!”, I said to my friend. With all the beauty of this fairytale place, all of the other inhabitans came out of their warm and cozy houses, to have some mulled wine, tons of food and fully enjoy the fourth Sunday of Advent, the final one before Christmas! So I guess you can imagine, how crowded it was! Too crowded! I took some pictures, was trying to enjoy all the Christmas lights, until I was ready to leave. Stuffed like a Christmas goose, which we actually saw walking across the Christmas market, we were waddling back to the car. Tired, but happy!




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